With a wide and extensive range of skilled professionals, Sole Landscapes works with you to enhance your outdoor spaces to create beautiful, homely environments tailored to the lifestyle of your family. We offer a full range of Landscape services to deliver the ultimate outdoor renovation package.


We offer a wide range of construction based services for your landscaping project. We have experienced Project Managers and construction teams who will ensure your project is carried out in a practical and safe manner.

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Outdoor Living

Extending your indoors into your outdoor environment is an absolute must for any landscaping project. We are experts at creating outdoor living spaces that represent and compliment the functional and aesthetic values to the homeowner. Who doesn’t love sitting undercover around a wood burner undeterred by the unpredictable Wellington weather?

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Most landscape projects require an element of excavation, demolition and enabling. The team at Sole Landscapes are uniquely skilled at operation of various types and sizes of machinery. Getting your project ‘out of the ground’ heavily relies on the preparation work undertaken at the very beginning. Make hard work easy with the right equipment, methodology and the Sole Landscapes team.  

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Restricted Access Solutions

The most difficult part of landscaping in the Wellington region is the limited access to and from any site. The Sole Landscapes team specialises in completing your project with sound manual handling techniques or utilisation of specialist equipment.

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Soft Landscaping

Often described by our team as the ‘icing on your landscape cake’, we pride ourselves on the implementation and nurture of your natural environment. With over 40 years of experience in the horticulture industry, Sole Landscapes has the skills and knowledge to implement the perfect habitat to compliment your landscape construction project or add aesthetic value to your existing property. Green spaces are good for your soul and we are the perfect Sole to help realise that.

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